Project Description

Freebird and the City of Healdsburg executed an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement in February 2021 to develop an affordable housing development on the Saggio Hills site.  The project will be a model for inclusive housing in harmony with nature and neighborhood with the following goals: 

  • To create an environmentally sensitive project that honors the site’s history, implements best practices for development in the wildland urban interface (WUI), retains and enhances major ecological site features, and adheres to the City’s development standards, design guidelines, and the Saggio Hills Area Plan.

  • To create inclusive, service-enriched housing that helps meet the goals and objectives of the City’s Housing Action Plan and Housing Element by increasing the quantity, quality, and variety of deed-restricted housing affordable to households with a broad range of incomes and family sizes.

  • To enhance the experience of living in the neighborhood for new and established neighbors alike.

The project, which will include both rental (up to 80% AMI) and for-sale (up to 120% AMI) components in a variety of housing types and unit sizes, is located on 12 acres to the northeast of the Parkland Farms community along the Parkland Farms Boulevard extension currently under construction.  The project will set-aside 10% of the rental units for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.   Outdoor recreation areas will include playgrounds, pedestrian and bike paths, and hiking trails connecting to the broader trail network.  The development will be scaled, designed, and oriented to create a wonderful place for residents to live and to enhance the larger community. 

Development Team

The project will be developed by a partnership between Freebird and Jamboree Housing Corporation.  North Bay Housing Coalition will provide supportive services to the residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities and Jamboree will provide general social services to all building residents.  The John Stewart Company will be property manager.  Design team members including Mithun as architect/landscape architect, Carlile Macy as civil engineer, and Biohabitats as ecological consultant.    

Current Status

The project is early in predevelopment with our first community engagement meeting in June 2021.  We anticipate applying for entitlements including environmental review later in 2021 with a construction start in 2023 and completion in 2024.